PVP COLLEGE, Pravaranagar



A/p Loni, Taluka:Rahata, Dist.Ahmednagar Pin : 413713 Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune Id No. PU/NA/ASC/(016)1971.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Science and Innovation Activity Center, Pravaranagar

Inaugrated On 13th December 2016

The reason behind taking up this project is to create an awareness in the rural masses, the value and its collaboration with the mother nature. It is also to create an interest in every child , towards the innovative ideas in a play way method with imposing the burden of science. The main objective to create more scientists.

To create more interest in science and global warming. The students will be permitted to work independently and strive their answers. Their innovative ideas will be assisted and improved with help of faculty.

Science and Innovation activity center , Pravaranagar has been completed in all respects by The National Council Of Science Museum, Ministry of Culture, Government of India as per the proposal of Rajiv Gandhi Science And Technology Commission , Govt. of Maharashtra , Mumbai.

Facilities available in the center

  • Fun science gallery.
  • Temporary exhibition cum multipurpose hall.
  • Innovation Hub
  • The other facilities include a section on Tod Fod Jod in which students can creatively engage in learning to open gadgets and reassemble them on their own. Kabad se Jugad where the students can use low cost material to develop interesting models or science toys and performs investigative experiments and an idea box in which students are encouraged to write down innovative ideas and submit them to idea bank.


  • A Science and Innovation Activity Center provide activity based learning environment.
  • The exhibits, both indoor and outdoor, are mostly interactive, training programmes and demonstrations are to learn the basics of science through fun and enjoyment.
  • Science and Innovation Activity Center provides facilities such as hands-on exhibit oriented exhibition gallery both indoor and outdoor, activity areas, auditorium for lectures, demonstrations and innovation spaces.
  • A SAIAC aim is to combine the two and give an ambience to the each of these exhibits is highly interactive and easily understandable. All the exhibits are supplemented with informative labels that explain the principles behind each exhibit.

Innovation Activity Lab

  • The Innovation Activity Lab at the Center includes: Hall of Fame: Inventions and Inventors, in which some multimedia kiosks bring the stories of major inventors and their inventions in various fields, books and grass-root innovation portals.
  • Innovative Laboratory with facility for carrying out innovative activities , experiments and projects in a Multi-disciplinary set up.
  • Tech Lab: Robotics& Microprocessor Programming, Electronics with a facility for creative and innovative projects in robotics, electronics and microprocessor programming.
  • The other facilities include a section on ‘Tod Fod Jod’ (TFJ) in which students can creatively engage in learning to open gadgets and reassemble them on their own.
  • Kabad Se Jugad' (Build from Scraps) where students can use low­ cost materials to develop interesting models or science toys and perform investigative experiments.
  • The Lab with facility for experimentation in Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Biology, Robotics, etc. also provides opportunity for students to work on innovative ideas and make a working model or kit on it and perform several investigative experiments.

Temporary Exhibition cum Multi-Purpose Hall

  • This is created in an area of approximately 125.0 Sq. M. presently exhibition panels on the Exhibition of "MangalYaan" and "Indian Nobel" have been set up. This exhibition is also very informative to the students. This Hall can be used for housing Travelling Exhibitions, Science Demonstrations, Science Seminars, Meet the Scientist Programmes and all other such activities.
  • From this date thousands of students from various schools, colleges, stake holders and interested students, parents and friends of Pravara have visited the center with great enthusiasm. The indoor, outdoor exhibits and activity center is inspiring for everyone. The students in batch of 30 were asked to visit the center. Dignitaries from different fields have also visited the center and gave suggestions and positive views regarding the activities going on in this center.
  • As per our Executive Chairman’s, direction, the students from various institutions will get the opportunity to visit Science Center as per schedule from 9a.m. to 12 p.m .and 1p.m. to 4 p.m.

Note:Accordingly till this date around 3000 (2968) students have visited the center.

Visiting Time

Schedule (Day & Date) Name of School/College (9am to 12pm) Name of School/College (1pm to 4pm)
Monday 27/2/2017 PKVM, Loni Little Flower School, Loni
Tuesday 28/2/2017 PCPS, Pravaranagar Little Flower School, Loni
Wednesday 1/3/2017 Sainik School, Loni Pravara High School, Kolhar
Thursday 2/3/2017 Sainik School, Loni Pravara High School, Kolhar
Friday 3/3/2017 PCPS, Pravaranagar PKVM, Loni